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Enjoy the Best 100% eggless, customized cakes in Dehradun at Doon Memories. Our delicious masterpieces, which are made with care and quality, are suitable for any occasion. With our assortment of flavours, patterns, and sizes, you can add a touch of elegance to your celebrations while maintaining pure joy.

Order Customised Cake Online From Doon Memories With A Promise Of Taste & Health

Explore the delicious variety of 100% eggless customized cakes at Doon Memories in Dehradun. Enjoy guilt-free with our guarantee of flavour and health. Enjoy each moment with cakes that delight your taste buds and overall well-being, whether they have traditional flavors or unique designs. Get it now for a wholesome, unforgettable experience.

Jungle Theme Cake

10 LB

Price: Rs 10000/-

Description:-Three Tier, 

Pine Apple Flavour,  2. Zebra,1. Lion, 2 Giraffes, 2 Monkeys, 1. Elephant 1. Man & Jeep

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Dolphin Cake


Price: Rs 10000/-

Description:- Two Tier. 

5. Dolphin 2. Octopus 2. fish+Grass+Star+Flouur Chocolate Cream

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All Cakes Are 100% Eggless

Cocoleon Cake

8 LB

Price: Rs 6000/-

Description:- Fruit Pie Design

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Universe Cake

2 LB 

Price: Rs 2500/-

Description:- 9, Planet with star
Flavour Pine Apple

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Makeup Theme Cake

3 LB

Price: Rs 3000/-

Description:- Nail Polish, Lipstick, eye shadow, Brush, Kajal pencil

Flavour Strawbery

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Adorable Teddy Bear 1st Birthday


Price: Rs5000/-

Description:- Teddy, Train, Caps,Stars and Milk bottle

 Flavour  Pineapple

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Santa Claus Cake

Price: Rs 2000/-

Description:-  Flavour White forest with Santa Stick, Santa Pic , Cap

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Doll House Customized Cakes | Doon Memories

Princess Doll House Cake

Price: Rs 10,000/-

Weight:- 10 LB

Description:-  Cinderella Doll House Cake

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Any type of cake you desire can be baked by our skilled team of expert bakers. Our quality assurance personnel monitor the product's quality, design, and presentation at every stage of production, and we promise to meet up to 99% of your expectations.
Simply describe the cake you want and, if you have one, attach a reference picture. Within minutes, one of our custom cake specialists will call you to discuss your cake in greater detail and take your order.

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