About Us

Welcome to Doon Memories (Bakers & Cafe )
There’s nothing more tempting than the smell of freshly baked cookies, cakes & bread.
People who remember Dehradun just for the sake of the city, would surely have memories of freshly baked pista cookies melting in the mouth. Schoolkids would remember the stubborn stick-jaws and yes, who can forget milk rusk with a cup of hot tea. Conversations about Dehradun are incomplete without the warm memories of Doon bakery.
Our team at Doon Memories is redefining the savoured bakery of Dehradun. A subtle combination of traditions and trends, our extensive collection of greatly appetizing baked goods and confections, has delighted all age groups and people from different walks of life, who remember the Dehradun of yore.

With a delectable variety of cakes & cookies on offer, you would not mind being greedy as making a choice here is not easy.  Honey bee, fruit cakes, plum cakes or the traditional pista cookies & milk rusks, one visit to our café would bring back your old memories and create new ones.

We know we are one of the custodians of a proud legacy of Dehradun bakery and we don’t take it lightly. Quality is a main part of our working culture. Our quality norms are very clear & transparent with the most stringent international hygiene and health norms that’sn followed expeditiously at every step throughout the preparation, baking, storing, packaging, and distribution of our products.

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